Websanova wModal jQuery Plugin

Websanova wModal jQuery Plugin

Most of the jQuery modal plugins out there had either not enough options, or too many and weren’t too flexible either way. I wanted to create a modal system that was very flexible that came with some nice options out of the box and made it very easy to add customized prompts and effects of your own. I ended up creating wModal using jQuery and my own jQuery Plugin Development Boilerplate which is available on GitHub for all your modal needs.

Designed for developers it’s simple enough for beginners to use right out of the box and built for more advanced developers to be able to start tweaking and adding their own effects, prompts and styles.

I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think in the comments below or report any bugs on the issues page.

One thought on “Websanova wModal jQuery Plugin

  1. SY Ahn

    I am trying to use wModal.But I have some problem.

    This is the part of my code.
    input type=”button” onclick=”$(‘.confirm_no’).wModal(‘show’);” name=”-” id=”\” value=”Select” class=”btn-g”/

    But I don’t know how to put other element value (name, id etc…) into

    the this code:

    ‘yes’: function(){
    When I click ‘yes’ on the pop window,
    var m_id = $(this).attr(“name”); show ‘undefined’.
    this.hide(); },
    ‘no’: function(){ this.hide(); },
    ‘cancel’: function(){ this.hide(); }

    Please, let me know how to get the other element values .
    Thonks in advance.
    SY Ahn


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